Need A Speaker for Your Group? 

Whether last minute or booked months in advance, you will be delighted with Rose Szwed, who is available to speak to your group on a variety of subjects. 

"Self-employment combined with many different life experiences plus my voracious adventure streak and extreme reading have positioned me to help, guide and entertain others with enjoyable stories ... and maybe accented with a few in-front-of-the-group embellishments," said Szwed.

Talks are G-rated, geared to your group and within your time frame. Talks may or may not include a digital presentation, easy select stage effects so your attendees walk away with some valuable information designed to inform and entertain. 

My Mantra: Shattering myths and expanding horizons.

Topics Include: 

  • Biz Blunders I lived to talk about (and no, it's still not funny)!!!
  • Closure of churches in the City of Detroit 
  • Travels to various countries and will feature one country of choice at a time -- Egypt, China, South Africa, England, Austria and more
  • Travel tips for today's bus and flight travel
  • Leading your group in brainstorming ideas for making a profit, getting along, expanding a business, etc. 
  • Juicing for health and what I learned from the Amish
  • How tripling my reading speed and comprehension improved my intellect, memory and brain pathways.
  • Fabulous trips that will benefit you.
  • Buildings in Ruins: what used to be there and what's going to take its place.

Call me at 248.619.6692, send me an email or complete the form below. 



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